Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Swoon links!

Someone finally answered my plea for Swoon info. Thank you, Gerardo!

She's 27 and female, and I am a big jerk for thinking she was old and male. The stairwells at PS 1 are full of her work, but unfortunately on my last visit there I forgot my camera.

My opinion of Jeffrey Deitch has gone up a notch, despite the abysmal work I saw at the "Artstar" exhibit last weekend, which I have not yet had the stomach to write about. The write-up of her show there last summer (which I will never forgive myself for not knowing about) contains my new favorite quote:

galleries give me some more options, because, say,
it doesn’t rain in there.
but for some reason, I couldn’t make art for the sole purpose of
exhibiting in these comatoriums.

Also, I have all these other photos of her work which I haven't yet posted:

UPDATE: This piece is by WK Interact. Thanks to Gammablog for the info.

Whoopee. This almost makes up for this year's Whitney Biennial, of which the scorching review is on its way.


Anonymous said...

The third photo down is WK Interact, not Swoon.

Pretty Lady said...

Oops, gammablog, my bad, thanks for the info. I did recognize that the aesthetic was somewhat different, but the media was similar and I didn't know better. Will give proper credit.