Monday, March 06, 2006

Letter from Anonymous D.

Hey...Serena, thanks for the posting.....Especially thanks for keeping it anonymous, I like that a lot. ANd super especial thanks for writing so well and connecting the personal dots all the way to the work on the walls.
Out of courtesy for people who were helpful and turned their eyes sideways.....the pieces were torn down by the D.O.T. not the Sanitation department, and some of them connected me to a couple of pieces and just suggested I not give out my name as well. ^Talk about a Fifth Column within the D.O.T. (5th column as the inside saboteurs and spies).
You made me smile big with your writing.
About 50 of these were up on 3rd AVenue between 24th and 31st streets.....about 3 months.
Early evenings were the best viewing time on west side of overpass, and at night, the profiles cast the most ghoulish profile shadows.

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