Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stood up, thank God

My 11 AM client called at 10:30 this morning, to tell me she'd be late. Lovely! More time for me to linger over tea and journal.

At 11:45, though, I called her cell phone to suggest she reschedule. What was she thinking? I have a life.

At 12:15, the doorbell rang. I graciously invited her in, explained that I was unable to bump her appointment up AN HOUR AND A QUARTER, and booked her for next week.

Thank God. I have three and a half more sessions scheduled for today, for a grand total of four hours and fifteen minutes of hard physical labor, and if this girl had made her appointment, that would have been five hours and twenty-five minutes. Always assuming that I ended on time. My friend RA says that I could hold back a lot, since he says I put about ten times the energy into a session that his other MT friend does, but that's the way I do it. I was not looking forward to feeling like I'd been run over by a truck.

I'm glad business is picking up, though, right in the nick of bankruptcy. Spring is like that. I'm noticing that it seems to take about a year and a half of consistently doing business in the same place, to develop the community recognition that you're there, you do a good job, and they should call you. I'm now getting phone calls from people who say, "I found your card, and then a friend of mine said you were great, and another friend, and another, so I called."

It also makes me realize that it was literally true that my ex-boyfriend sabotaged my livelihood right when I was on the brink of solvency. He operates wholly in bad faith. In order to accomplish anything significant, you have to first set your intention, then plant the seeds, then nurture them to fruition. He chopped me off at the roots just as I was beginning to blossom; I can see, now, that this may not have been his conscious intention, but it was definitely his unconscious agenda. Lord, I'm glad that loser is out of my life.

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