Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Imm4culate c0nc3ption

So today's investment of bits and bytes is a piece that was on the corner of 3rd Ave and Prospect expressway/17th st near the entrance to the Gowanus Expressway East Bound.
This one actually made my heart pound and took my breath away. And when a breeze floated by, everything moved and shook and was magnificent. Then the DOT came along of course. But again, on this one they left the adhesive which I was surprised about and gratified for.

The "petroglyph" left by the D.O.T.

UPDATE: This post is a freakin' spam magnet. So I have taken the drastic step of titling it in l33t, much as I abhor the style. Anything to avoid 'word verification'...

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Chris Rywalt said...

That totally rules. Another great one, Danny. So sexy! Literally.