Thursday, July 06, 2006

Update on !*(@#*&( phone service

Okay, so what happened was that Earthlink transferred my phone service to themselves as of July 1, and mailed the equipment needed to access said phone service to an address in Oakland, CA that I haven't inhabited since the year 2000. After they'd used up over an hour of my remaining cell phone minutes, putting me on hold, they earnestly declared that they'd have my calls forwarded to the cell phone in oh, twenty-four hours. They're overnighting me the equipment, probably by tomorrow, which means that it should be here by Saturday.

Which means that my client base has had a full week to call me, get a message saying that I'm 'unavailable,' decide that I'm out of town or dead, and find another massage therapist. Hoo-whee.

So if anybody is needing to call me, please dial (718)384-6773. I promise that I won't whine at you for very long, since I haven't got many cell phone minutes left.

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