Monday, July 03, 2006


Excuse me, folks. I am in a Mood. Just received a call from an alleged potential client. "Do you do Tantra?"


"What do you do?"

I went into my schpiel about integrated Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and energy work. Not wanting to waste my breath, really, because a client who is clueless enough to ask about Tantra before identifying himself is not a client I want.

"Do you do Reiki?" he persisted.

"Yes, that's energy work," I replied.

"Do you do Reiki and Tantra?"

"NO. Tantra is erotic. I am a THERAPEUTIC massage therapist. I do not do sex work. Do you UNDERSTAND that?"

"Well, sometimes people do Reiki and Tantra together."

You are an idiot. Please go away.

"Well, I've never heard of that, and anyway I don't do Tantra. I have to be defensive with new clients, because some people do not understand the difference between massage therapy and sex work."

"I'll call you tomorrow around eight o'clock."

Yeah, right, dude, I will be available for a pervert who calls me last-minute on a holiday.

"Okay, call me when you're ready to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Bye."


This weekend, both my cell phone and my land line decided to simultaneously, inexplicably stop working. Which meant that I couldn't call either phone company and say, "What the hell?" but had to email them, which never works.

This afternoon the cell phone just as inexplicably started working again. I called the land line company and they said they'd do a line test and call me back. I'm still waiting.

Of course, I will be switching phone companies as soon as the correct cable box comes, anyway.

I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE. I do not want to be in town for another Fourth of July. I want to be at a lake, with people, with a barbeque. Town is hot and oppressive and isolated and I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE.


I DID have a new client call me the day after his session last week, just to tell me that his foot stopped hurting. He said it had been hurting for months, and the session healed it. This was nice. Now if only he tells 50 people so that I can pay my bills.

I have decided that I don't like working in a series where the pieces are intended to be grouped together. It works much better for me to do a series of individual pieces and then group them if I so choose. This column was loosely based on the chakra system, and frankly I don't like it much. I was so concerned with how each piece would 'relate' to the one next to it while I was working that I didn't push them far enough; thus I don't like either how they stand alone or how they stand in a group.

I did discover a number of ideas that I'd like to work with, however. Having the 'center point' pushed all the way to the edge is fun. Organic spirals are fun. Straight lines are fun. Twisted lines are fun. Having the pieces in a group is fun, as long as I don't plan it that way beforehand.

And I don't like doing borders, either. Feels like I'm drawing a picture frame.



painterdog said...

Sounds like you need to have a cocktail, a nice tall cold one or a good martini.
That's if you drink things like this.

Man sorry about the problems, boy I could use a deep tissue massage, I was just hauling dirt and building planters in the back yard. Trying to finish up the patio for tomorrow.
And I am hurting...

You should just say I don't do tantra, sorry I have to go I have another call on line 2...

serena said...

You're absolutely right, Painterdog, I've been skipping yoga and it shows. Going to go to a late class and then haul my journal to the Tea Lounge for a beer.

The guy actually DID call back and I didn't pick up. The nerve.

painterdog said...

you have anyone to help in case this guys a nut job?

danonymous said...

Hey Serena,
Nice non-mandalas....something loosened up. 11;30pm...just got back to the studio after having to do some emergency plumbing. I did buy a roll of aluminum. Unfortunately my van got a cut tire and I can't install any work tomorrow until I get that fixed.
I was going to start around 6Am with part of a piece in Crown Heights...three stories up on this bricked over warehouse which should go untouched for 5-6 months or more if I am lucky. That would be the highest off the ground I've worked. I am so excited in the the mountains and valleys of manic no self-control. And then I was going to add waves to the piece in Coney Island. I drove by there tonite.
It is so magical in the dark.
Your mandalas are just as good.
Just a little smaller.

serena said...

Danny will take care of any nut jobs, wontcha, Danny? ;-)

I'm safe. I don't give out my exact address on any advertising. Or on my BLOG, either.

Sorry about the tire; I have days like that. Can't wait to see the new pieces.

painterdog said...

well its easy to find people in these days.
In grad school this woman did a prject which involved her finding people with her name all over the country.
It wass amazing how easy it was to find out where they lived and a lot of information that she was surprised could be found with by just using search engines.

danonymous said...

OOOOHHHMMMMMMMM....wanna go for a ride to coney? Like ...1:30 AM?
call or e-mail.

OOOHHHMMM..we are all nut jobs.
Me...King of the nuts..

But my father claimed I was only half nuts.

Chris Rywalt said...

I have air conditioning and a grill. No lake. We do sometimes go to this great place up the road a piece which has a man-made lake, but on holidays you pretty much have to get there first thing before it fills up and they stop letting people in.

Anyway, you can come by any time. Open invitation. And I'll only bug you about tantra a little bit, when my wife's not looking.

serena said...

Chris! Are you coming, next Sunday? You haven't RSVP'd yet.

painterdog said...

Hey Serena,
I posted this on another thread, not sure you saw it.
Not sure if you know this artist but I think shes amazing.

Sophie Jodoin, who I think is French Canadian and shows mostly in Canada. She is amazing and its interesting how many artist there are up in the north country that we never hear about who are worth checking out.

Chris Rywalt said...

I haven't RSVPd because I'm not entirely certain. I keep thinking I'll iron it out but then I don't. I'll send you e-mail, I promise.

serena said...

Hey Painterdog, I TOTALLY saw the Sophie Jodoin link, she is TOTALLY awesome, and she has her site structured somehow so that I cannot rip images off of it and post them here. I have been planning to write about her anyway, but have been lazy and in a Mood, as you see. So thank you and I will Get Right On That.

painterdog said...

Hey Serena,
Its a Flash based site which inbeds the images.

If you want to use them you can take a screen shot of the page.

If your on a mac Cmd-Shift-4 will give you a cross bar that you can drag over the image and get a nice capture without having to capture the whole page.

on a Pc I don't think one has the same freedom, its the printscreen key or alt > printscreen.