Friday, July 14, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Yesterday was a good day. I had two outcalls, one to a regular client whom I like a lot, one to a new one whom I liked a lot. In fact, I'd be hard put to dislike any of my clients. Once you've had your hands on someone's body, and directly sensed the struggles, the pain, the stories, the constant overcoming, you tend to respect them. The new client was a young woman who had had rods implanted along her spine to correct her scoliosis, then removed ten years later; there was a scar the length of her entire spine, and she had no thoracic spinal curve to speak of. I mean, wow.

Then I went out to Coney island and indulged in a really disgustingly greasy Italian sausage with sauerkraut, and a Pepsi, and wandered along the beach, and watched the big distorted orange moon break free of the clouds, and soaked in the tacky flashing lights and the noise. For me, these days, this is High Life.

I like this new one best in the context of how it contrasts with the others around it:

In fact, when you get a whole lot of these together, they do something very different from what one does alone. The radical differences in the way each one is designed, coupled with the uniformity of structure, starts to be interesting.

It's very clear to me that whatever-this-is is still in its early stages, though. Danny said to do 100-200 for starters, and I think that's reasonable. I plan to break out the watercolors next, and start experimenting with stained-glass color schematas.

I have officially advertised to sublet my apartment for the month of August, and have someone officially interested. That working vacation may actually happen. I'm trying not to fetishize the notion too much; I'm still me, wherever I am. But rural Maine will be an awfully nice change of pace.


danonymous said...

I can't help it but it makes me smile to see so many together....especially since none of them are in the least mundane. It's like.....creating

Jennifer said...

Hi Serena
I just happened upon your blog when I was up really late the other night stretching canvas for my first solo show. I had a complete brain lapse and suddenly needed to read directions. (It was late, I was in freak out mode about the opening) I just punched in "stretching canvas" and you were in the top five hits. I'm totally relating to what you are posting as a fellow artist and am enjoying your point of view. I love the picture of all of your work hanging on the wall.
I used to live in Maine, I hope you get your working'll love it up there.

Jennifer said...

By the way, your directions were great!

serena said...

Hi, Jennifer! Thanks!

Funny, I was surprised that my post came up so high, so I did it myself. It didn't come up anywhere in the first three pages. So you must have been guided here by something which manipulates Google. Welcome!