Friday, January 06, 2006

Work in progress

First, the view out my studio window:

We are not getting much sun these days. I have made a vow not to touch my computer while there is daylight; this is the view around 4:30, when the sun is setting.

Now, the big painting I've been stalled on since November, but which I think, now, is almost finished:
This one is called "Fallen Star," is 3 feet by 4 feet, painted on the new, even nubbier linen. I've been seeing it in my head for about a year now. The one in my head was bigger, but economic necessity compelled me to paint it this size.

Right now I'm wondering whether the renderings of the stars in the sky need some elaboration, or whether they'll do; whether the points of the star/thistle burr are too Dr. Seuss-y or whether they'll do; whether I should elaborate on the spark-streaks in the rocks; whether I dare to just leave it alone.

Now I notice that the photo cuts off about the bottom five inches. Of course the colors are crap, it's a snapshot merely.

A few of the mandala/chakra series:

For the record, Brooklyn Arts Council just turned down the little pencil mandalas on handmade paper, for their exhibition "Making Their Mark." I can't be too offended by this, since they curated the show via 2 inch, 72 dpi, web-quality jpegs. Just like the ones above.


Barak said...

Um. Do you have any larger jpegs of the pencil mandelas for real people to see?

Lou Naples said...


I just spent a lovely hour touring your website. I LOVED the Swan and Snake. To me, painting water is the truest miricle of the artist. I don't know why, since I am water-phobic; I love to be near, or on, but not in, water. I am enthralled by water paintings.