Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mandalas, by request

Hopefully these are a little better.

I started doing these mandalas last summer, after hanging my show--I'd ordered a bunch of linen and stretchers from Jerry's, and Jerry's wasn't sending them--evidently art supply companies take breaks in the summertime, just like art dealers and trust-fund artists do. They were meditations more than anything else. Any Serious Artist would decry them as 'decorative,' of course, but they were fun and calmed me down.

I'd like to do more in the series; if anyone knows where I can get more folios of "The Natural Collection of Hand Made Papers, Hand Made in France since 1286 au Moulin de Larroque" , please let me know, or just ship it to me. Pearl Paint seems to have stopped carrying it, Jerry's never did, and their website bumped me when I tried to email them. It's really nice paper.

I have had an idea. I have a hard time working in a vacuum; I miss knowing that other artists are working on the other side of the wall at 3 AM, and if I need company or inspiration, all I have to do is go visit them. Working for a theoretical show at a theoretical gallery sometime in the theoretical future doesn't do it for me.

So I have decided to start posting drawings, sketches, and turgid works-in-progress on this blog. Moreover, I have decided to start giving some of them away. Anyone posting feedback will automatically have their name put into a hat, and at a random time during the month I will pull a name out of the hat, and mail the winner a drawing.

"Feedback" can include anything random or tangential; long poetic rants are particularly encouraged. Anyone posting a link to their own website or blog gets extra points, particularly if the website or blog pertains to art, literature, music, spirituality, healing, graffiti, or satire. Anyone posting a comment which is spiteful, hostile or malicious will be deleted, banned, and reported to the karma police.



Barak said...

Aargh. It so annoys me when people decry art for being decorative. Dammit, sometimes art is decorative. It doesn't all have to be "meaningful" or "advance the dominant discourse." Sometimes we need to make things that people just want to look at. And sometimes art should be just a simple, exquisite piece.

Thank you for posting the larger images. It's interesting, that even though these are so formal, I can still tell it's your hand behind them.

My blog which is part of my website was for a while showing current work. Not so much of late though.

Barak said...

... and they are lovely, of course.

serena said...

Hooray, Barak, your name just went in the box on a Post-it note, twice.

I could very well invent some 'meaning' for these, if pressured. I might say that they are based upon plant forms; I could bring in the formal aspects of symmetry, and throw in a dose of spirituality and meditative processes for good measure. Which would all be true. But perhaps not very necessary.

Liz said...

But haven't mandalas been meaningful for thousands of years?

I was also thinking how it's funny I can tell they're yours.

Just the other day I was thinking of a long rant that Dennis treated me to in the geo library, all about the difference between art and craft and how that particular critical split was the root of all evil.

jackadandy said...

Hi Serena! I'm totally drawn to mandalas but I refuse to learn about them in a formal way, which is true of several things that I like so much they scare me. I want them to stay mysterious. For me mandalas need neither excuse nor explanation. They actually are pieces (portals?) of power in themselves, I think, beyond any imposition of a "meaning".

And I believe that's the most I've ever actually voiced about mandalas! But not the most I've ever felt... *s*

But I have my own version of a mandala at the entrance to my Website, at jackadandy dot net, so please feel free to check it out.

I hope I win a piece of your beautiful work! :)