Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We have a winner!

Barak has won the first drawing! I am keeping everybody else's name in the box, however, and adding as I go. I suppose this means I will have to leave the studio to go to the post office. Certainly it will be good for me.

Also, check out this link to an interview with my friend and client, Christine Krol. It seems we share a love of traditional media, and an aversion to the work of Ghada Amer.

Laura Ohata, an amazing writer from Austin, has a new website. I also loved Jackadandy's blog. I will post all these links on the sidebar when I'm less lazy.

It's so great to get long letters from you, everybody! I didn't realize that so many people were shy about posting. Val, can I cut and paste your letter about people who don't know how to cook? I think it's valuable.

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