Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oculus Arts

Check out the very awesome new project headed up by my friend RA Friedman. Also check out the very awesome photos on the splash page, taken by yours truly. I had no idea I had such talent as a plein air photographer--it just Seized the Moment.

It was really fascinating, last year in Philly, to see how, when you give random passers-by some props and the opportunity to express themselves, the vast majority of them will rise to the occasion with astonishing creativity and aplomb. People would literally grab a costume and assume an entirely new personality almost instantly. I was particularly impressed when one very large young lady grabbed a very small silver top, one that I myself would not have attempted to fit into, and unhesitatingly pulled it over her head. It fit. Very large young ladies evidently know more about stretch fabrics than I do.

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jackadandy said...

I love this!

It IS an art to get El Random Passerby to engage creatively. In the mid 80s some friends and I (all fairly fearless activists not unused to approaching people on the street) were trying to raise money for a book we were creating to benefit Amnesty International. We had the nutty idea that if we dressed as stereotypical San Francisco locals and went down to Fisherman's Wharf, tourists would pay us to take their picture (Polaroid) with us. ??! Let's just say we had adventures and didn't make much money, especially since the Polaroid broke immediately and then we tried charging people to photograph us with their OWN cameras, lol.

But somewhere I have a wonderful picture of the bunch of us with this widely smiling gentleman holding a sign that says, "Hi folks, I'm just hangin' out with the locals!" He mailed it to us long after. I think he gave us five bucks. He loved it.