Thursday, January 25, 2007

For the time being

I do believe this one is done.

Now I think I'll turn it toward the wall and do the next three as fast as possible. Thinking too much may be counterproductive at the moment.


jackadandy said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

Question: What are the dimensions?

The moth/mandala figure is so provocative, especially in that field. It's like a very deliberate, very specific, deeply red, spiritual kiss. Very carnal, in that sense of the word that means both flesh and sublimely flesh-colored.

And that's all I'm gonna say, since we're not "thinking" about this yet. :)

prettylady said...

It's three by four feet. This is the size I usually work. Human anatomy size; the biggest size that will fit comfortably as a focal feature in most NYC apartments, and in the back of my truck. Occasionally I work four by five, which is the maximum dimension that will fit through all the doorways I regularly traverse. I'd like to work really huge, but expense and logistics have proved prohibitive thus far.

And thanks. Every time I finish a painting, I get a crisis of confidence--all I see are the spots that could be infinitely better than they are. And all my walls are so full, there's nowhere to prop it except facing outward. So I have to keep looking at the damn thing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Three circles, a circus, 'tis quite Jungian, but moreover dialogue! They have been brought "in-ludo," into play!

Silas Dogood

jay c said...

Should it bother me that this image evokes a bit of fear?