Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Somebody has to go see this for me

My neighbor and giver-of-friendly-hugs-at-the-co-op, Miriam Eusebio, has directed a group of one-act plays that has gotten a great review. For three years I have been pestering Miriam to invite me to her plays, and now I can't go see this, because I am leaving town the day after tomorrow and have eight jillion things to accomplish.

So somebody please go see this and report back. From the review:
...This is admittedly not easy stuff to swallow, but "Faces…Voices" is moving precisely because it refuses to pity the victims, but instead admires them for their courage and fortitude in moving beyond potentially soul-destroying experiences — this small, out of the way show is well-worth seeking out.
Now that's the kind of thing that rocks. Living in the Bay Area for nine years, I am so over whining victim theatre--including screaming dancers, AIDS crisis rage plays, and spoken-word poets who sit on the stage in a fetal position and weep for ten minutes about the racists who done them wrong. Which is why I didn't put Miriam's play immediately on the calendar when she emailed me about it. But now I'm sorry I didn't. Rock on, M!


Angela Ferreira said...

Sounds like a lot of fun ;-)

k said...

This reminds me of one of the focal points of *Man's Search for Meaning.*