Monday, June 05, 2006


Today I dropped in on my landlord, to pay the rent and give him my signed lease renewal.

Being an incurable honest, open person I also let him know that the other tenants and I were going to ask to have the front door repaired and a lock put on, since junkies are living in our foyer, leaving needles and used condoms on the floor, and creating a racket at 4AM.

My landlord accused me of creating 'static' in his building, and refused to sign my lease or take my rent check, effectively threatening to evict me.

I came home, put on the Hilliard Ensemble with Jan Gabarek and drew this.

Then I took out a 'problem' painting and painted over the problem area. I'm going to see if I can make it work without any fiddly places at all; just a rose-colored crater full of rose-colored light.


danonymous said...

You gotta love it. Life in all its millions of squeaks and groans, sharp turns and broken's great.GIven what we go through in not a full life time...I would have to venture a guess and say that perhaps none of us are as fragile as we think....when we think we are fragile.
It was nice to look at the mandalas and then I realized there was nothing to say for me. It was nice to just look.

Morgan said...

That is just breathtaking. I hope things work out with your landlord.

Anonymous said...


Sending total power and success vibes your way. Having had many a crap-ass landlord, my heart is full of sympathy for you.