Monday, December 05, 2005

Banality rules

Wouldn't you think that a satirical blog, purporting to be that of a Supreme Court Justice nominee, would be imaginative and pointed and creative and funny? And wouldn't you think that the blog of a real Supreme Court Justice nominee might be, well, deep and insightful and informed and lively? Instead of banal, venal, fatuous and smug? Oh, I forgot, he's a Bush Administration nominee. Never mind.


SamuelAlito said...

I would not think either one. What I would think is that someone purporitng to be an artist would try to create visual stimuli more interesting than the fatuous derivative stuff on, and that someone who associates herself with Brooklyn, the toughest Borough in the country, would not sit around and weep and complain about how lonely she is (let alone blog about it). But I suppose this is the internet.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Supreme Court Justice nominee, trolling the blogosphere, trading cheap personal pot shots? Huh? "Something better to do with one's time?" Huh?