Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crass marketing ploy

Look up at the advertising bar! Hey, Google! "Sexy lingerie, sexy lingerie, sexy lingerie!" Maybe I'll make some money this month.

Dirty secret: Judith Krantz is a good writer. A friend clued me in when I had the flu about ten years ago--she brought me a paperback copy of "Dazzle," which I re-read, more than once. I didn't read any more until finding "Lovers" on the dollar shelf at the Strand on Sunday. I am Deeply Immersed. I love her character studies of twisted, self-invented people, the way she goes deeply and logically into the machinations with which they invest themselves in shallow lifestyles. The luscious sex scenes don't hurt, either. I might even like Judith Krantz if I met her socially--anyone who can invent so many varieties of irresistible people must like people.

I see by her book jacket cover that she's tried to minimize her lower lip by applying lip liner too far inside her lip line, though. Judith, there's nothing wrong with having a pouty lower lip! You, of all people, should know.

Sometimes I look at my book shelf and remember that once upon a time, I used to be an intellectual.

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